Walk-In Tub Installation Services in New Jersey 

Our professionals have designed a wide range of walk-in tubs. A variety of safety elements are included in each of our baths, to lower the possibility of slips and falls while bathing. They include inwards opening doors that enables simple access to the tub that are slip-resistant surfaces to reduce the risk of slipping.

Stop Stressing Over Falls and Slips With a Secure Walk-in Tub!

Have you realized that one of your home’s riskiest spaces is the bathroom? The bathroom, and particularly the bathtub, can turn into a constant cause of worry; particularly for elder family members or anyone with limited mobility. A walk-in tub can change the lives of your loved ones,along with the elderly or those with disabilities. For their safety, having a walk-in tub installed is vital and a smart decision to take.

Make your home safer and more accessible with Garden State Construction’s walk-in tub installation services. You can make your bathroom stylish with a ravishing walk-in tub. 

Our walk-in bathtubs may convert your risky bath into a cozy, private spa for people of all conditions and abilities since they are designed for both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Grab bars, simple push-button controls, extendable shower heads, slip-resistant floors, and other safety measures are among the features that can be customized for our customers. In order to make bathing a delightful experience, we provide innovative ideas to turn your bathroom into a magical space.

Trust Our Experts for Walk-In Installation Services 

Why not switch to this top-of-the-line powered walk-in bath if you have trouble using your current bath? These baths contain hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and a wide range of optional additions, in addition to having a hi-lo seat as standard equipment. Availing our services gives you the security of expert knowledge and excellent value.

Garden State Construction is the company you should contact if you’re a homeowner seeking for someone to handle your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. We provide excellent home improvement services at affordable prices.

Once you have made the decision to use a walk-in tub, there are many factors to consider; including the size, placement, and safety features. We recognize how overwhelming all these factors might be. The design and installation processes can be streamlined with the assistance of our knowledgeable team.



Why Choose Our Team for Walk-in Tub Installation? 

The incredible services that our team offers can improve your bathing experience in a variety of ways. For added comfort when bathing, our walk-in tubs offer heated neck, back, and shoulder rests. It will be simple to enter and exit your new walk-in tub thanks to the extra-wide door and incredibly low 3-inch threshold, and thanks to the strong bars, you do not have to stress about untimely incidents. The multipurpose, handheld showerhead will also enable you to experience a shower-like experience while comfortably seated in your tub.

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