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We’re the best in the business because we simply love what we do!

Our creative, innovative, & skilled team of experts; along with years of experience in delivering top client satisfaction, has taken us far ahead of our competitors.

Your construction & renovation projects are not just a business deal to us – With our strengthened core values & an urge to exceed client satisfaction, we work hard with a purpose to beautify your homes, enhance your lifestyles, & improve your property’s values.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens have always been perceived as a sign of status, lifestyle, & privilege – So the idea of a perfect kitchen not only revolves around being high-functional & versatile, but it also requires a combination of innovative designs, modern technology, & a touch welcoming homely feeling.

Our team of kitchen makeover specialists are experts at redesigning and renovating the entire kitchen, along with offering all kinds of installations – Ensuring to exceed all expectations.

Bathroom Remodeling

We supply and offer from a large selection of high-quality construction materials, which includes everything that your kitchen remodeling project requires, to be successfully completed while maintaining perfection.

Our experienced kitchen makeover specialists can design every & any kitchen space that you can dream of – Ensuring to perfectly realize your expectations.

Being veterans of the industry, we also guide and recommend choices to our clients to select from several cosmetic accessories in every style and in every price range, ensuring a wholesome one-stop-shop experience, catering projects of all stature.

Deck Remodeling

Do you want your house to have an outstanding outlook?
How about a beautifully designed, constructed, & perfectly installed deck?
Garden State Construction provides New Jersey’s finest deck remodeling services – With over a decade worth of experience, access to top-of-the-line raw materials, team of trained professionals, and a relentless pursuit of satisfying our clients with the most extraordinary deck repairing, maintenance, and remodeling services. Our unparalleled craftsmanship enables us to build from scratch or revamp your deck into an appealing & enjoyable space for the years to come.

Basement Remodeling

Unlike renovating any other space, basement remodeling is the most tricky and complicated of all – One bad or uncalculated decision can either ruin the project, or exceed your budget. However, Garden State Construction specializes in perfectly reconstructing basements, with a streamlined process that remains well within the targeted budget, and an end-result that has only amazed our clients so far. Join the club of our innumerable clients, who now own a flaunt worthy basement, and on a cost that will shock you.
Garden State Construction – Offering the Basement of Your Dreams!

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